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Do you get shooting pains at random, in various parts of your body, for no reason? How often?
1 minute ago
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Do you end your sentences with "bro", "man", or both?
10 minutes ago
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What's your favorite up-and-coming metalcore band?
1 hour ago
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1.6 hours ago
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What are your opinions of Fallout 4?
2 hours ago
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What's a typical weekday in your life like?
2.4 hours ago
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You eve just breathe in wrong and it sends a shockwave of pain through your lungs and down your back...
3 hours ago
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Any bedwetters out there?
3.6 hours ago
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Do you own/wear a onesie? What does it look like? How old are you?
3.6 hours ago
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Is anyone up for a roleplay? (f/bi)
4.4 hours ago
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