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6 minutes ago
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What would Brian Boitano do if he were here right now?
14 minutes ago
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Exactly how hard would it be to punch a guys dick clean off?
18 minutes ago
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Why is it when you fall in love you over analyze everything? Every little detail seems significant....
21 minutes ago
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who else is about to shit their pants over teen wolf season 5? it me, because i am a loser who watc...
27 minutes ago
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Has anyone on here ever had to report a rape? If so do you think you could talk to me about what to...
38 minutes ago
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Why does my gender obsess themselves with men and relationships? I've never been interested in men o...
44 minutes ago
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Song request time! Send me a song that will knock my socks off..
45 minutes ago
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I really like older guys, but none of them take me seriously as a girlfriend, or basically even as a...
48 minutes ago
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Am I the only one who thinks that gay couples should only be allowed to legally marry if there's goi...
59 minutes ago
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Hah! Ya missed, baybeeeee!
Ah. 'Tis life I supposed. What alerted you to the brakeage? Sudden drop in resolution?
Depends on the next few presidents and congresses.
Well I mean, if he's at the first black knight in the game he most likely haven't got any rings yet....
All right, so I mentioned Hatoful Boyfriend earlier. I don't think I gave it enough credit. I just g...

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