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If you had to choose between two people for a significant other, would you choose a) Flirtatious, ta...
2.4 hours ago
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Do you know the show New Girl? Which one of the 3 housemates do you think is more attractive? (Chara...
2.7 hours ago
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Do you consider your menstrual cramps to be "pretty painful"? Do you take the pill? If no, have you...
2.8 hours ago
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I'm bored. Lets talk about something.
2.8 hours ago
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I really like this boy but we like just met and whenever we talk I talk more and I worry I'm annoyin...
3.5 hours ago
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DO NOT SUSCRIBE TO THIS YOUTUBER GUY! Ale Cart Jk. Check out his videos and then possibly mock him...
5.6 hours ago
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If you're a leave voter and you don't feel a pinch of regret, shame on you. Perhaps not because of t...
6.7 hours ago
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I'm eating Ice Cream right now. What are you, or what was the last thing you ate?
8.3 hours ago
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If you had to smell the number green, which would be your favourite dinosaur and where?
9.7 hours ago
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Why do so many people fail to answer my questions adequately?
9.9 hours ago
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I haven't gotten my period yet and I'm doing the same thing.
Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler fuck now spoiler doesn't even look like a wo...
She looked at the bottle sadly. This certainly wan't what Sam and her had envisioned when they were...
Nah, it's new. We just released, you future seeing Frank. Don't spill the beans, it'll make us milli...

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