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I'm the person who asked everyone whether they would rather be dumb and happy or smart and depressed...
6 minutes ago
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Any plans for Halloween? Or just tonight in general? I think I'm going to watch a stupid movie and e...
23 minutes ago
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What is your favorite app?
35 minutes ago
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Happy Halloween!
1 hour ago
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I had to stop at the store and get tampons for my girlfriend last night and while I was looking for...
1.4 hours ago
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I'm really jealous of everyone who gets to wear a costume to work today. I have to wear my uniform,...
1.5 hours ago
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Do you prefer questions that will spark a conversation between you and the asker or questions that l...
1.5 hours ago
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Did you do it?
1.7 hours ago
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My roommate and I have very different sleep schedules. He wakes up at 4am, whereas I wake later tha...
1.9 hours ago
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Why do people hate people who are ugly but confident?
3.1 hours ago
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Talking like that won't help. I'm a staple to the Forum Games.
+weed=stoner (hey look Xato, me too!)
Banned because "Anything Goes"

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