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ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้ Radio waves bear brings love!
8 minutes ago
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Anyone here from the Illuminati? Can you confirm that you are in fact the dankest of all memes?
54 minutes ago
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Note to self: learn to dance.
1.2 hours ago
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Anyone feel up to discussing relationship nonsense? No worries if not. c: I always come here for hel...
2.9 hours ago
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Make up a completely new word for what you're feeling right now.
3.5 hours ago
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Looking for advice. The question is mostly in the form of me venting, but it seems relevant to the a...
3.8 hours ago
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I can't tell them just yet but I needed to say it. I don't care to who. I just needed to get this of...
4 hours ago
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Pokemon: Global Offensive
4.1 hours ago
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In my early 20s. Boyfriend is 4 years older. How long should I wait/how old I should I be to think a...
4.5 hours ago
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Camping is a million times better with air conditioning. I built an AC unit for my tent. I feel fan...
4.8 hours ago
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I also think about her quite a lot. I see her logged in to Skype and it kind of jolts me.
7.9 Really liked the velvet underground vibe, but they ain't quite the velvet underground and there...
holy crap. that is a nasty situation :(

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