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I'm ill. :(
32 minutes ago
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36 minutes ago
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How do you know if you see and process colors the same way as everyone else? A long time ago, someon...
37 minutes ago
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pick a standard colour of the rainbow. (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple- black and white ar...
41 minutes ago
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Why do people even get data plans for tablets? I'm sure cell data is useful for certain business use...
44 minutes ago
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I'm making a panda-themed care package. Do you know of any panda themed snacks or candies apart from...
45 minutes ago
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Do you think I should hand out slim jims instead of candy this Halloween?
47 minutes ago
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CHALLENGE: Starting at midnight tonight, for the next 24 hours, do not text or message anyone unless...
55 minutes ago
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Let's roleplay! Elements, magic and mystery, go!
1 hour ago
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Let's eat camel. What have you eaten?
1 hour ago
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Robert Gustavsson, representing Sweden.
A cat. So original, I know. But I found some cute ears and a corsette online for cheap, and I pretty...
I'm so happy. I told myself I'd teach myself calc 3 because I haven't been going to class. I wanted...
I thought that the whole deal was that AMD make more powerful cards, but Nvidia make better drivers ...
Yep, I'm a bitch 4 lyfe I guess, hooray. Also, I'm like 6'3" in heels and I will wear heeled boots o...

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