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Over 5 years you replace every part of an old car. Is it still the same car?
20 minutes ago
What is your favorite insect?
32 minutes ago
Have you ever had hot neighbors?
33 minutes ago
Are you a morning person?
35 minutes ago
You are now man door hook hand car door manually.
47 minutes ago
Around half of the humans that have ever lived, have died of malaria.
47 minutes ago
If I linked you my gofundme, would you share it on social media for me?
1.1 hours ago
Cringiest thing you've ever seen?
1.2 hours ago
Something people do that you just don't understand why?
1.2 hours ago
I just took a dump and when I wiped, there was a red stain. I googled it, and it said that if I was...
1.4 hours ago

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I wish you lived by me, my dealer is known for connecting with medical distribution centers and fill...
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Hello I am not new but this is my introduction, i don't know how long i've been here but my first me...

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