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Marcus Aurelius. https://justpaste.it/AureliusAurelius
2 hours ago
It's it ever ok to be mad at someone for being genuinely less intelligent? I mean most people are no...
2.1 hours ago
9th of December, 2016. Today I woke up with deep scratches on my back. I have no idea how they got t...
3.1 hours ago
Jocelyn was a scrawny child, she used to run with the boys and none of them could catch her. She pla...
3.2 hours ago
Death, sex and music. These make the world go round. Drugs don't even feature, drugs are just used t...
3.2 hours ago
It's all very well staying true to your principals and insisting that your wife, oh my darling Sarah...
3.3 hours ago
3.4 hours ago
So. I hate myself. I don't hate anyone else. Just myself. I want to cut. I might actually cut. Proba...
3.5 hours ago
I love it when Americans are helpless little peasants at the mercy of a businessman like Trump. The...
3.7 hours ago
Does anyone here play Go and would like to help a beginner out?
4.2 hours ago

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The snow has coated just the road and it looks like something from Mario Kart all white and glowing ...
In bed, under a thousand blankets, freezing. It's 15°F here.
Find a place that'll do the cooking for you. If there's a Dickey's near you I can definitely recomm...
Oh. I'm a huge derp, forgive me plz. Carry on.
Banned for being a lil' shit about swearing.

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